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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tomato Sauce... the canning has begun!

Just finished up my first batch of sauce for canning!
After processing... I had one jar break on me during processing... darn!

Just picked about 2 pounds of tomatoes.  These need to ripen up a bit more...

And sitting on my counter... 

Well 9/16, our average first frost day has come and gone.  Our night temperatures have been in the 40s.   But... that could change fast... so I'm beginning to pick my tomatoes as soon as they start to ripen.  Soon I may have to pick the green ones too!

I'm afraid that my gardening season here in northern Wyoming will be coming to a close for the season... within a few short weeks!


  1. The sauce looks great! It seems like everyone is getting ready for the Fall!

  2. Amazing how quickly the season ends. A frost advisory has been issued for places north of us. I too have been picking my tomatoes as soon as they blush. They ripen quickly on the windowsill.

  3. It seems like you just planted your garden, and now it's almost at the end! I'm surprised you get as much out of it as you do, with your short growing season.

  4. I hope your temps stay above freezing long enough to get too much tomato sauce like I have.

  5. BUt you do so well with the time you have! I can't believe you get in as much as you do.


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