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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am so upset!

I was just out to water our giant pumpkin when I noticed that my precious escarole... yes... the escarole that I've been drooling over... the escarole that I was going to make into our favorite Italian Wedding Soup.... 




I'm so upset....   : (


  1. The nerve!!!!

    Warn their families. It's game time. Take no prisoners!

  2. Those grasshoppers sure do cause you alot of grief! Have you ever thought about using some Spectracide on everything? I use it 2-3 times a season, only when the bugs get out of control - of course.

  3. Yes EG, I've used the stectracide a couple times. Guess I'll have to spray again tomorrow.

    I hate to spray that stuff around... but...

  4. Oh no! I had the same problem with my mustard greens. It looks more like swiss cheese now.

  5. Hi, Toni;
    So they're gobbling your goodies, too. So sorry to hear this. They're out of control around my place...

  6. I know how you feel. I may have to declare war on the rodents here. No grasshoppers though, or at least not enough to do damage.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your poor escarole. Before I started gardening, I had no idea that I would get so attached to my vegetable plants and take it so personally when they got attacked by pests. It's really heartbreaking, not to mention frustrating, to see little seedlings (or sometimes large almost-ready vegetables) get attacked and gobbled up by the dreadful bugs and critters. Was this the only escarole growing in your garden, or do you have any more?

  8. Aw... so sorry!!! I know how you feel. The ants (of all things great and small) ate all but two of my peaches. Nervy little critters, the lot of 'em!!

  9. thyme2garden, I totally know what you mean! Yes, that was the only escarole that I had growing in my garden.

    Oh no Just Jenn! Sorry about your peaches....

  10. I have seen, once, what grasshoppers can do when they invaded a vineyard. It was terrible, making one just heartsick.
    Why I am sending a comment is that I just read a review of the new Diana Kennedy book. Apparently the Mexicans know more than we do about making lemonade out of lemons... She has a recipe in there for grasshoppers... seriously.
    I am thinking maybe we should reconsider our food habits.

  11. Patricia, gosh if I could get my teenagers to eat grasshoppers... I'd be rich! 'Cause we have an unending supply it seems!


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