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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Broccoli... Ducklings... and Deer... oh ya..

The Garden....
The garden is starting to take off!  Warmer temperatures have set in... yup... it's finally summer here in northern Wyoming!  Yay!

My tomato plants are getting blossoms... even some little tomatoes!  The broccoli is forming heads... the green beans are coming up...

The Ducklings...
I've been so enjoying my ducklings!  Yes, we have a routine now.  In the morning I lead them (yup, just like mother duck!) over to the little pasture on the north side of our property where they gobble up baby grasshoppers by the dozens.

Then in the evening after supper, I take them on another grasshopper adventure to the south side of the property.

This one was gobbling up a long dandelion stem!  I couldn't believe it!

Ducklings 4 weeks old

They follow me around like mother duck!  It's so fun!

Tonight they even helped me do some weeding in the iris bed against the house.  I pulled weeds and they gobbled up bugs all around me!

The Deer...
Oh ya... and deer!  The other morning there were 2 deer that came out of our woods right out back!  Luckily I had my camera handy and snapped these photos.

Luckily they were at the back of the house far away from the garden!    I was surprised that the dog didn't go crazy... but she was at the front of the house... maybe busy watching the ducklings.
Our duck watching dog...


  1. What fun! We don't have many bugs, nor does it feel much like summer (high of 53 today), but otherwise it sounds pretty much like our garden. No duck dog, though. And we do everything we can to keep the deer away!

    Fun photos!

  2. Peg, perhaps I could send you some "seed" grasshoppers... all you do is sprinkle them in your grass, no need to water!

    We have an over abundance of the little critters! LOL

    We're up in the 80's this week!


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