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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Growing Kale for the very first time!

Garden update...

For the very first time... I am growing Kale!  Russian Red Kale is the seed type.  I've come to really enjoy Kale in my green smoothies... and in soups too.

I had to reseed some of my Kale squares as the duckies go to them before I put up my garden fence.
Muscovy Ducklings 5 weeks old

Russian Red Kale sprout

My tomato plants survived the mighty winds of late May and early June and are flowering.  They look really healthy!  Bring on the tomatoes... I want lots of canned sauce!

I have a whole 4x8 bed of various types of pepper plants... from hot to sweet.  They're about 5" tall so far.

And my strawberry plants are producing nicely!  I have 3 boxes of strawberry plants this year.  My bigger box contains plants that are about 3 years old.  My two smaller boxes were planted this year with plants generously provided to me by a neighbor.

And here's my bench that I purchased way back in 2004.  It was looking a little shabby, so I painted it.  Some of the wood will need to be replaced... maybe next year.  I painted it Pacific Pine... the same color as my front door.

Now to get my boys to help me put it in the fenced in garden!


  1. The ducks are getting cuter by the day!

  2. Kale does wonderfully with our cool nights. I bet it will do well for you as well.
    Thanks for your comment and visit!
    Ducks! Love them!


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