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Monday, June 6, 2011

purple podded beans

Greetings gardening friends!

Looks like spring has finally sprung in Wyoming.  Yesterday was in the 80s.  Yay!

Today I planted 32 purple podded bush beans seeds.  I want to plant 128 more in my 8x4 SFG bed!  Got to go get more seed!  Goal... can lots of green beans!

My Muscovy Ducklings are getting so big!  Today is their 2 week birthday!  They swim, eat weeds, eat bugs and are a hoot to watch!

My dog Missy (border collie, heeler, maybe aussie mix) has found a job!  Herding her ducklings and chasing away predators.  Yay Missy!  She's been needing a job besides walking me!

Sorry for NO pictures.  I have temporarily misplaced my camera!!!


  1. The camera is under your fabric!

    Why not grow a different kind of beans? We're doing 8 different kinds to find out which ones do best here. Most are for drying. My favorite experiment: black ("kabuli") garbanzos for black hummus!

  2. Hi Peg! Thanks for your comment. That's an excellent idea. Black garbanzos... wow!

  3. That is awesome that Missy has instinctively taken on the job of protecting the ducks. Please find you camera soon :)


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