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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My garden has a fence!

Well, it took most of the day and 150 feet of garden fencing... but we got 'er done!

Garden all fenced in!  Safe from duckies!
My cute ducklings were eating up my tender shoots of corn, broccoli, cucumbers, peas, and lettuce.  And my cats and possibly Missy the duck sitter... were digging in my beds!  So my 13 year old son, Aaron, and I installed this fence today!  YAY!

Question for those of you who have experience with poultry...
Is there such a bird that I could let loose "in" my garden and have it eat bugs but not my plants?

Ducklings... now 4 weeks old
My ducklings put themselves to bed tonight!  It was the funniest thing!  They just marched themselves right into their ducky house... all on their own!  But... they hadn't done their nightly "grasshopper buffet" walk with me yet!

Every night we walk around the property.  I stir up the hoppers... and they gobble them up!

Missy the Duck Sitter and Aaron (13 years old)


  1. Those ducks are just so darned cute! It will be nice having the garden fenced from the animals.

    Hey, I got my first hollyhock blossom today! It's one of the pink ones. They are all loaded with buds. I planted them too close together, so I'm going to have to move a few of them probably next fall or early spring.

  2. Your fence looks great! It's a good thing that you had such a great helper!

    Boy, Missy looks like one big cat! I just love your duck photos...perfect!

  3. Loving the ducks! Hope the fence works for you.

  4. Granny, thanks! Those ducklings are so much fun! Yay! That's great that your hollyhocks are blooming! I have yet to plant them on my new property... but I'll get there!

    Robin, yes Aaron was a great help! Couldn't have done it without his help! I'll keep posting ducky pics so that you can watch them grow!

    Ribbit, why does your tag say anonymous? Will keep posting ducky pics!

  5. My mom had her birds surrounding her garden. It worked to keep the level of grasshoppers down. I think most birds like insects and greens. Sadly.

  6. the time the plants grow up out of these cages they can pretty well survive on there own, plus spring is now well advanced and the rabbits have more choices of wild plants that are easier to get to than my caged plants.backyard fence installation


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