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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomatoes and Peppers and Eggplants... oh my!

Finally... a day of sun and warmth!  We've had a very wet spring here in northern Wyoming and flooding in southern Montana!
Southern Montana

On Saturday between rain drops my son shoveled out about 1 yard of beautiful rich, dark, compost from my pickup AND filled up my garden beds for me!
Big Blue loaded up with 2 yards of rain soaked compost.

Then today he shovel the leftover, about a yard's worth, onto a tarp for future use.  What a great kid!

Today, in the bright sunshine, I planted... and planted... and planted!

32 Amish Paste
8 Jet Star
8 Early Girl
8 Brandy Wine

8 Eggplant

32 Peppers (assorted but mostly hot)

4 Broccoli

My garden... looks like a garden now!  Sorry, I'm too pooped to take photos... tomorrow!

I also have spinach and lettuce growing!

My Muscovy Ducklings spent a few hours outside rooting and basking in the sunshine... oh ya... and eating bugs!  They loved it!  They're 9 days old now and getting tail feathers!
8 days old

What a cutie!  


  1. How wonderful that your son helped fill your beds with compost! Wow! You certainly have a lot of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in your garden. You should have a great harvest.

    The ducklings seem to be settling in quite well AND earning their keep :)

  2. Man, I can't wait to see those ducks in action later. You'll have to video the carnage for me. :)

  3. with pleasure, EG! I'm surprised that you don't have some chickens!

  4. What a nice son. And that is a lot of tomatoes.

  5. Now THAT'S a Square Foot Garden!!
    Awesome work - well done - what an inspiration. :))

  6. Hey thanks "what's in a name?"! I'm going to post some pictures later today.


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