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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh ya, black spaghetti!

It's been so windy and hot here that my garden has been dry as a bone even with watering almost every night!

So today... I took drastic measures....  I employed the "black spaghetti!"

A very kind neighbor (I have lots of these!) gave me a bunch of soaker hoses that her aunt no longer wanted...

So today I strung them all thru my garden beds!!!!

I know!  It's not pretty....  But, I'm going to give it a try anyway!


  1. Your climate is so extreme! It's got to be a real gardening challenge! I hope these hoses help.

  2. It may not be pretty, but it should work well.

  3. Thanks Peg!

    Hey Kris, exactly what I was thinking!

  4. I use those! But in _much_ easier gardening. And mulch is hard, because of the wind. . . oy vey. Hang in there.

  5. Hey, you do what you gotta do. When I first started SFGing, I adhered to Mel’s words of hand watering with sun-warmed water. I learned really quickly that this would not work for me and draped soaker hoses through my beds. These worked really well. Now I use a low sprinkler for the SFGs, but I only have 6 to deal with. The rest of the garden is threaded with soaker hoses under mulch.

  6. I am going to try these next year.
    Who cares how it looks as long as you get some tasty greens!

  7. Hi Kris-totally agree!

    Stefaneener-yes the wind here is pretty gusty at times and mulch doesn't last long... it even takes soil out of my boxes!

    GrafixMuse-oh good to hear that soaker hoses work well for you! I have to say that the garden is looking better already!

    Hi Rosey-I agree!


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