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Friday, July 15, 2011

Our first garden salad...

Our 1st garden salad!
We enjoyed a nice salad from the garden tonight... baby romaine, broccoli, danvers half long carrots and radishes.

Radishes are my husband's very favorite vegetable from the garden... so tonight I planted a bunch more for him!

I'm beginning to let some of my muscovy ducks into my garden... not the whole herd of them (all 9)... just a few females and a male.  I have to really watch them as they pass their favorite greens... cucumbers... beets... corn...  overall, they're doing a pretty good job gobbling up the hoppers.... but sometimes the greens are just too tempting!

You'd laugh if you heard me out there with them (I am mama duck!)... I'm always telling them... "Eat the hoppers.... Eat the hoppers!"


  1. Nothing beats a fresh garden salad. I hope I get to plant some more lettuce when the weather cools off.

  2. That looks fresh and crunchy! Your ducks are lovely.

  3. Totally need a video of the ducks. Totally.

  4. Lovely white duckies! Ours are all various versions of dark. I'm going to try having them in the yard for a while. We don't seem to have many bugs, or maybe they'll have sharper eyes than I do! It will be fun to find out....

    Great photos!

  5. You're getting up into the 90s? Wow! Your tomatoes and eggplant are going to love that!

    (We'll get to the mid-60s today. I love it! But it sure does take the eggplant a long time to grow!)

  6. I can't wait for garden fresh salads! This is my first year really trying to garden :-) Your ducks are so cute... almost makes me want some lol

  7. Karen, you're going to have a garden this year??!!! That's awesome!!! What are you growing?


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