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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Toad...

This morning first thing, the ducks headed over to their kiddie pool.  Choco was the first one to the pool and right away... he captured a toad.

You should have seen him trying to eat that toad!  He ran away from the "herd" so that he could eat it all himself!

I didn't think he could do it... but he did!

The garden is looking good!  The tomato plants are blossoming and setting fruit, the giant pumpkin vines are growing... and the cucumber plants are getting more leaves.

I've been able to harvest broccoli, strawberries, and lettuce so far...


  1. I love it when a chicken grabs an especially good thing and runs off with it. Everyone follows -- it's like a chicken race.

  2. Ducks eat toads? I would think toads would be too big for them. I guess not. Or maybe it was a small toad.


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