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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I picked...

I am sooooo excited! My pre-teen son, Aaron, & I were uncovering the garden this morning... when... he spotted some Radishes that needed to be picked!

So we pulled 1/2 dozen or so radishes... (then replanted more together!!!)
We cut some lettuce leafs... and some spinach... and some arugula.

Aaron loves to eat it all!

So we had greens to go in sandwiches for lunch with radishes to much on too!

Another Garden Giggle...
The other day Aaron came up to help me work in the garden. When I got near him... I could smell this strong... pungent odor... "Aaron, have you been eating chives?" YES!

Well, they were very fragrant!


  1. Nice harvest Toni! It is always nice when the garden starts feeding the gardener.

  2. I have an 11-year-old grandson like Aaron. He eats anything and everything from my garden. I see him munching on chives, rosemary, least his breath always smells good!

  3. That's fantastic, Toni! You'll harvest alot of stuff this year, I bet...

  4. Good work Toni! For some reason, I totally forgot about planting radishes until just a week ago. Luckily they grow so fast, I will have them to munch on before I know it. By the way, your son is a cutie!

  5. Isn't it great that you can get them to not only garden, but eat things they otherwise wouldn't!

  6. Chives are great and I love to hear that he's snacking out of the garden (much healthier then then the pantry). So cool! Your radishes sure are pretty!

  7. What a handsome farmer you have... nice harvest you too!

  8. Thank you Susan! I'll tell him you said that!

    Just Jenn, it's so funny that he likes all those strong tasting veggies.... broccoli is one of his favorites but we're not growing that this year.

    KitsapFG, thank you... he can be a cutie... course.. he can go the other way too! LOL!

    Wow, Granny that's great! Aaron is the same age... almost 11 1/2 now.

    Dan & EG, thanks for stopping by!


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