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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The big Cover UP!

A BIG Welcome to Sunny! Thanks for following my blog!!!
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It was pretty cold last night... in the 30s. So I have covered up my precious tomato plants!

It's so easy to do with my square foot garden! I had the hoops all in place from the spring... just had to dig out the plastic sheeting pieces.

Would love to plant some carrots... wonder if I could get them to germinate??? Still beautiful and warm during the day... in the 70s... and I could cover them... What do you think?

Will be making more tomato sauce today... and finishing the walls in the guest bathroom!


  1. It looks like some alien caterpillar in your yard. I just couldn't live without my row covers. They don't give me very many extra weeks, but enough.

  2. In the 30's already? Ouch. Those toms won't recover from that. It may not kill the plants, but fruitset/ripening is done for the year. There are some good canning recipes out there for green tomatoes, though...

  3. Man, I wish my boxes would be so easy to cover. You're smart to leave the PVC in place.

  4. Thanks Ribbit!

    EG-I'll be harvesting the rest of the tomatoes pretty soon!

  5. I would say its to late to start carrots now but it is always worth a try. You will have the best luck with fall crops if you start them in july/aug and just hold them over under cover for fall/winter harvest. Now that the light is diminishing so will plant growth.

  6. Hope your tomatoes ripen up still. We also are expecting a 35degree night this week. I'm still hoping for some ripe cherokee purples from my vines. Lots of green ones!

  7. Hi Toni! Thank you for all your great comments on my blog. I am just about to cover my SFG boxes, but I am having a hard time deciding whether they should be covered all the time. Our temps are still fluctuating quite a bit, but starting to get down in the 40s at night. I am hoping that the cover will provide me with a few more veggies (peppers, beans, scallions, lamb's lettuce, cabbage). What did you use as a row cover-plastic/netting?


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