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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Garden clean up... continues on a beautiful Wyoming afternoon...


A big welcome to SP8 of the blog Veggie Might! Thanks for following my blog!

It was a beautiful afternoon and I had a few hours before supper... so with the awesome advice on preserving the soil in my SFG boxes that I received from my dear gardening friends (see comments in my previous post)... off I went to the garden!

I'm happy to report that 4 of my 20 boxes have been put to bed for the winter!

First I added some manure then mulched... then I covered the boxes with cardboard. To keep the cardboard in place (we get some strong gusty winds here in Wyoming), I placed pallets on top. Man, some of those pallets are heavy!!!

Now, I'm all out of pallets, but I'm sure that I can find some more.

So, 16 more boxes to clear out! I'll "git er" done... bit by bit in between being a mud artiste...

Hey EG, I hope that you're feeling way better today! I may have to send you some of my Shaklee DR stuff!

Well, it's time for supper so I'll sign off for now!


  1. That's great! I knew you had to have something lying around from all your house work.

    The worms are going to be so happy come spring.

  2. You received some great advice as to how to protect your SFGs from the winter winds. Those pallets are heavy, I can't lift them by myself. Be careful.

  3. That seems like a good way to keep that soil from blowing away. I don't have that issue in the winter. We do get some good winds when we get nor'easters, but they tend to come with snow or rain, so nothing blows away. I was thinking the other day while washing my carrots that I lose a lot of dirt when I harvest. I pull them and wash them in my kitchen sink. All that good dirt is going town the drain. I wish I had a sink in the garden.

  4. Good morning Stephaneener, GrafixMuse, & Daphne!

    Thanks for your comments. It'll take one heck of a wind to move those pallets!!!!


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