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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My electric roaster & canning... a cool thing...

I was just over to Thomas' blog, A Growing Tradition where he was talking about canning. Thomas is new to canning and was asking for advice...

Which made me think about this COOL thing that I did this year!!!!

First... let me say this...
I am without a stove... living in the basement of my new house house while we finish it up... but... don't feel bad for me!!! I'll have a fantastic kitchen for next canning season...

Until then... I make "do" (we can do anything... temporarily... right?) with:
-my outside grill
-my 2 burner outside Camp Chef cooker
(my outside "kitchen" is great... a bit difficult to use in the dark... and cold weather though!)
-2 individual electric burners
-1 electric roaster
-and my cherished Vita-Mix 5000

Electric Roaster for Canning?
I found that my electric roaster was a fantastic help for canning this year!

I sterilized my jars in it...

AND... Used it as a water bath canner for my half pint & pint jars!

Wow... could I load it up with jars!!!!!

QUESTION?? Got an unusual but helpful canning tip to share?


  1. Hi Peg! You know that big roaster that people usually use for cooking their turkey? Here's what it looks like:


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