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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let Go!!

Oh my gosh... it is so difficult to pull out the stalk of what's left of my giant sunflowers!!!

Wow... and when I did get the stalk and roots up.... up came 3/4 of my 1'x1' soil block in my SFG! I don't think that I'll plant sunflowers in my SFG next year... well... we'll see...

Daphne mentioned that she lost a lot of her precious soil when she pulled up her carrots.

You know... when I did traditional row gardening... I really didn't pay attention to how much soil came up with the roots during garden clean up. But... with my SFG, I've invested heavily in creating a beautiful rich soil!

So... if you drive by my garden and see me shaking and shaking huge root balls... and yelling... LET GO... You'll know why! ; )


  1. Me too! You should have seen the tomato-root dance I did earlier this year. I'll call it contemporary art.

  2. I just cut them off at about soil level and left the roots in the bed. I top off the bed with compost & mulch for the winter and they should disappear over the winter. I did it with my corn stalks last year and they were gone in spring.

  3. Ribbit-I can just picture it! LOL!

  4. Amy-THANK YOU!!! That's what I'll do too! You saved me!

  5. I'm with Amy. If left to overwinter in the soil, all of the roots and such will rot.


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