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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The last of my yummy garden carrots...

The photos above are 2009 garden memories...

We just enjoyed the last of my garden carrots!!! I made a beef roast tonight... those carrots were so sweet and delicious!

Need way more next year!!!

This year I grew them in a 4x4 bed... Next year will plant a 4x8 bed!!!! I LOVE CARROTS! Hmm... maybe I should do 2 4x8 beds.... thinking... thinking.. ya... maybe...

My little Canon PowerShot S400 arrived back today. A big THANK YOU to Canon for fixing it for me! The screen stopped showing a picture. When I called they said that it was a "known" problem. They fixed 6 year old beloved camera for FREE! Extreme Awesomeness!


  1. Beautiful carrots Toni! What variety were they again?

  2. I must grow carrots next year. Yours look so good!! So glad your camera was fixed.

  3. I had never grown carrots before this year and I agree-MORE CARROTS!! I can't believe how much better they taste than storebought. Love em!

    And Canon seems to have pretty good customer service-glad you have it back!

  4. Hi, I have an award for you on my blog. I enjoying reading your posts and thanks for blogging. No need to participate in the awards if you don't want to. =)

  5. Carrots are on my "grow more" list too.

    Great about the camera.

  6. Yummie indeed, I have just about harvest my last too. I'm saving some under straw-mulch for later ;-)

  7. I just picked some carrots yesterday in my garden... they were growing in a bed I had cleared almost a month ago, but obviously them. It was a wonderful surprise. -Jackie


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