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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's snowing....


Clouds laden with the white stuff cover the horizon.

Little flakes are escaping... now...

It's cold, windy... and dampness chills the bones....

No sunshine for me today. So glad that I got out yesterday in the warmth & sunshine to do some garden cleanup!


  1. The calm before snow is one of my most favorite things. I'm sure this is only because we get snow rarely, if even once a year. Stay warm.

  2. I like the hush of snowstorms. So . . . quiet.

  3. Hi Stefaneener! Ok... I'll be quiet... but our snow didn't amount to anything more than... flakes...

  4. We were warm today but the storms are coming...the first one probably won't bring us much. They aren't sure about the second one yet. It's gonna be cold though. 67 today but only expecting about 31 on Sunday. Brrrr... but I did get a bunch of cleanup done today.

  5. Amy-that's a big drop in temperature! That's awesome that you got some cleanup done!!! I'll pop over to your blog to read more!

  6. I love the first snow fall... everything is so beautiful! But, I hope it waits until December around here - I want a few more weeks of fall.


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