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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No more Onions Aaron!

Welcome Red & Green! Thanks for following my blog!

Baby Romaine... looking good!
After I read Granny's blog post earlier today about all the stuff she was getting done... I thought that I'd better kick it in gear!

So... out to the garden this afternoon!

Popping Corn planted...
Finished filling my last 4x4 box and planted some hull-less popping corn! This should be a neat experience... never planted popping corn before... but my family LOVES popcorn!

Flower Boxes...
I have a few smaller boxes that I made up from scrap wood that I will use for flowers. I have Shasta Daisies and Black Eyed Susans sprouting in the inside greenhouse. It's really time to plant them! So will need to get a bit more soil mixed up.

Mel's Mix... My Mixing Station
Here's a photo of my Soil mixing station. I picked up the big red silicone (I think) buckets at Costco. I put my compost mixture in the wheel barrow, slice open a brick of Peat Moss, and dump about 1/3 bag of Vermiculite in one of the red buckets.

Then I dump a shovel full of each component into the middle red bucket... and... mix... mix... mix... then repeat until bucket is filled!

My Helper Today
My son Aaron, age 11, helped me today. I had to keep shooing him out of the onion bed!
Aaron planted 4 broccoli plants and 4 marigolds tonight. Broccoli is one of his favorite veggies... well... maybe 2nd to onions...

BUGS Update...
As I was watering my SFG, I found hoppers... GRASSHOPPERS... little ones... but I am concerned because last year we had hoppers really bad... they ate the folliage from my raspberry bushes! And munch on my Hollyhock leaves... bad... bad... hoppy bugs!

So I googled... and found out that Grasshoppers do not like Cilantro! So tonight I planted bunches of Cilantro in my beds! I went right down the middle of my 4x4 and 4x8 beds with it... running along one of string dividers. I love cilantro... so... it'll work for me!

And I read about putting a molasses/ water mixture in cups to catch them... so I added some cups of this stuff in some of my beds. I caught bunches and bunches of grasshoppers with this mixture last year.

Do you have a grasshopper solution?


  1. No I dont seem to have a problem with grasshoppers - but your recipe sounds great- my problem are the slimy slugs!
    Tell me about your hollyhocks...I planted some seeds for heirloom hollyhocks that a friend sent me...BUT... I planted it in the wrong place and I have to move it.
    Do you think I can safely move them once they get a few leaves without killing them?
    I never grew them before.

  2. Hi Susan!

    My hollyhocks seem very hardy. I got my seed from a neighbor... and they keep coming back up every year.

    I've never had to transplant one though.. go ahead and give it a try. Let me know if you need more seed... I'll send you some from my plants.

  3. Spray with Basic H. Mix up a window-washing solution and try that. It helps get rid of aphids, too. If it's not quite strong enough for your grasshoppers, add a little more.

    Another thought, more long-term, is to plant some trees near by and try to build up a habitat where birds can roost. They will be delighted to remove the grasshoppers.

    There's a movement in some areas called Backyard Habitat. If you google them, you'll find a site full of definitions and suggestions for building a backyard habit, plus all the added benefits of doing it. You could become the backyard habitat guru of your area, since it's connected backyard habitats that help reestablish a good pest-controlling, low-water-usage environment.

    Just some thoughts...

  4. I love your thoughts Peg!

    Never thought of using my Basic-H2 to help with BUG control! Awesome!!! Do I spray directly on buggies? How do you suggest using it?

    Yes, I will look into Backyard Habitat!

    We do have a cottonwood tree next to the garden and 1 -3 robins who flitter about and on occasion sing beautiful melodies. I see them hopping around the garden when I move to a different part of the yard.

  5. Well, it's about time you quit slacking off, missy! LOL, just kidding....I think you probably do twice the work in a day that I do! At least you can probably work two days in a row, where my tired old body has to rest in between jobs. I wish I had your Romaine. The heat took its toll on all my lettuce, and I accidentally killed off all my new seedlings, so now I have to start all over.

  6. It's funny that your son likes onions, because my kids don't. Grasshoppers have really not been much of a problem here. That's interesting about the various things they don't like.

  7. You've got a great helper there! I'm sure he doesn't mind the helping as long as he gets his share of the goods ;)

    So interesting about the grasshoppers. I've yet to see one in Renton. I found one once back in Seattle but that was years ago, and I remember I was so shocked since I never ever see them hopping around!

  8. Hi EG. Aaron likes broccoli too... such a strong tasting vegetable. Now, if I can just get my 15 year old to enjoy vegetables....

    Cynthia, I think that grasshoppers must prefer a dry climate because there weren't that many that I noticed in New England either. They sure love Wyoming!

  9. Sorry I don't have a solution for you but I just read yesterday that molasses in the garden is e.coli's favorite food, which isn't a problem unless you're using manure that's not completely composted or raw egg shell in homemade compost that didn't get hot enough to kill it (140°). Just thought you should know. I note this because DH threw unrinsed eggshell in our compost* and I just sprayed everything in the garden with compost tea that used molasses as one of the ingredients.

    *This batch of compost will be used on non-edible plants around the yard to minimize risk.

    Otherwise - love the picture of your boy eating an onion. By his face you couldn't tell he loves them! lol


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