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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wait... what is that?

Wait.. what is that bright spot in the sky?

Quick... better get out the door and start mix... mixing my Mel's Mix for 4x8 boxes 2, 3, & 4!

Would be so great if I could get my remaining boxes filled.. and my bunches of Romas planted... cause Friday and Saturday are supposed to be rainy days!

More later! Have a great day! Happy Gardening!


  1. My fingers are crossed hoping you get your boxes filled!

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks!
    Just planted a bunch of Romas in the 4x8 box that I filled last night! Whooo hooo!!! No... they're NOT getting 9 sq'/roma...

  3. Good luck on the weather holding out. I keep hoping for rain here. Our weathermen all say it will rain. The clouds form. Then nothing.

  4. I too have some raised beds that I need to fill with soil this week. Only my problem is not the rain but the heat! It has been warm and I have not been in the mood for mixing compost and manure in the heat. I echo Daphne's sentiments. All clouds this week but no rain. I've even had to start watering...

  5. Hi Cynthia! How do you go about filling your SFG? Are you using Mel's Mix?

    I bought these red 18 gallon (I think...) buckets at Costco... two of them.

    I put my Vermiculite in one... my compost stuff in my wheel barrow... and cut around the outside edge of my peat brick.

    Then I take my remaining red bucket and add 3 shovels full of each... mix... mix... mix... then continue till the bucket is full.

    I've lost about 5 pounds since I've started this process. It's quite a workout!

  6. Hope the rain comes after you plant so you don't have to water them and can get a little well deserved break.

    Too much rain, too much heat. We've got too much cold around here. Crazy weather!

  7. Dan... thanks!

    Cheryl, hope the weather turns nice for you. I'm hoping to get the rest of my Romas in the ground before it rains again today or tomorrow... So grateful for the moisture!!!


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