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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tomato Sauce is simmering...

I'm making tomato sauce today!

Wish that I had 2 big stock pots.... really should pick up a second one!

Got 1 big stock pot and a soup pot going on my 2 burner camp chef cooker simmering tomato sauce!

Yeah.... more tomato sauce for the pantry... well... still have to can it.... later... maybe... today...

Some of my tomato plants did get frost the other night.

NOTE TO MYSELF>>> Be ready by the beginning of September to cover tomato plants!


  1. Toni, I'm assuming that you're gonna can the sauce in pint jars? I'll put mine in quarts, because we like alot of sauce in our spaghetti.

  2. Wow! Frost already? That's amazing. You sure do have a short season, but LOOK at everything you got! Fantastic.

  3. Hi EG!
    I'm going to do about half pint, half quart jars. I use the sauce for homemade pizza and pasta... oh ya... homemade lasagna... Shoot... I'm getting hungry just thinking about all that yummy food!

    EG, you must have a pantry full of awesome garden stuff now!

  4. Hi Ribbit! Yes, we do have a short season here... we just have to cover up tender plants in the spring and early fall.

    We have fantastic sunshine most of the time so stuff grows pretty good.... as long as it's watered! I live in the high desert surrounded by mountains at 4000 feet.

  5. Yes, short but sweet, it seems. That's a lot of tasty sauce. I'm thinking about using my crock pots to make thick sauce next year. An overnight of it ought to boil off some water!

  6. Toni - well, one shelf of the pantry if full of jars and believe me - I hear about it from my wife! I've never made sauce before, and will be thrilled to can it. Ours will only be put in quart jars, as it will be used exclusively on spaghetti. I love lasagna, though!

  7. Toni, Your sauce looks wonderful. If you don't have time to can your sauce, you could freeze it too.

  8. You are hardcore! Look at those giant outdoor pots - I LOVE IT! lol

  9. That looks so good. I love homemade tomato sauce. Mine is really weirdly sweet this year because I added so many Sungolds to the mix. I love your camp stove. I have a group of friends I go camping with and one friend owns of those and brings it. It doesn't turn down much though. We usually use it to heat large batches of hot water up. Does yours have more control?


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