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Thursday, May 26, 2011

And then there were 9...

About my ducklings...

Day 1, Hatched 5/23/11
My little Muscovy ducklings were hatched at Country Hatchery in Oklahoma, on Monday 5/23/11 at 8am, then mailed Priority Mail.

Day 2, Traveling Priority Mail

Day 3, They Arrive!
They arrived at our post office two days later, on Wednesday afternoon 5/25/11...   Ten, oh so adorable... fuzzy, peeping little ducklings!

As I was thinking of what to put these little guys in for the first little bit of their lives, I remembered that my folks had 2 big boxes from the new washer/dryer set that they got over the weekend!  Perfect!!!

I cut the box down a bit and then made a place to support a pole which would hold the warming light.

Placing newspapers on the bottom, an old towel to one side, their chick watering jug, and 2 small feeders... I was ready for business.

Then my cats became interested...

So my son grabbed some poultry mesh and we covered the top of the box.  But then while I was in the other room, Charlie, our cream colored flame point siamese cat, got curious... that's when I found him sitting on top of the box on the chicken wire!  Oh my gosh!

So, all three cats spent the night outside!

Day 4, Today my ducklings are 4 days old... but...
And then there were 9....
Lost a duckling during the night.  This little yellow duckling was noticeable weaker than his brothers and sisters.

So now I have 9 little ducklings.  And today I get to clean out their box!  Oh my gosh, what a mess they've made!


  1. Nine is still a lot of ducklings! But this is a great hatchery and I believe they will replace the little one that didn't make it, and probably send some companions along for warmth and comfort. Great people to work with!

    They ARE so cute. We go pick up ours tomorrow. Because of traveling and so on, we are picking ours up at a local farm. They hatched a week ago, so I suppose they'll be a bit bigger. I'll let you know!

    What beauties!

  2. I remember as a child that the cat was very interested in the ducklings and goslings. Somehow my dad taught him to leave them alone, but I haven't a clue how.

  3. Daphne... I put the duckling out on our enclosed porch. Seems to be working OK. But will be interesting when they get to run around with my 3 cats and the dog.

  4. They are just absolutely darling! Sorry you lost one but it does happen. Your set up looks ideal and they look quite content. Enjoy those little fuzz butts while they are little - they grow up very fast.

  5. KitsapFG, they are growing before my eyes! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Those are beauties to be sure! Looks like you have some neat coloring on the ducklings, will be interesting to see what they end up being as adults. For the record, at this age they love to have little bits of veggies floated in their water... that makes happy ducklings... but don't give them swimming time without being monitored! They're not water proof yet :)

  7. Bonnie, I did what you said! They loved the lettuce bits in their water! Thanks for the suggestion!!

    I want to take them out tomorrow (weather permitting) and let them walk around my unplanted garden bed. I bought some deer netting to coral them.


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