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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wondering if my Muscovy Ducklings will arrive today...

It's raining and my spinach, lettuce, and baby tomato plants are loving it!

Will my Muscovy Ducklings arrive today????

This is going to be a brand new adventure!!!  I've never kept poultry... my only animal experience is with cats and dogs.

You may ask, "Toni, why are you getting ducks?"

The answer... I'm so tired of dealing with grasshoppers... Muscovy Ducks are organic solution to grasshoppers!

So... let the fun begin!  A quick shower... then off to see if my peeps made to the PO today!

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  1. Toni, it's been raining here too. I've had to set my rain collection system to divert the water down the storm drain. I don't have any more room to store it. I have enough water to keep the garden watered for about a month. Probably longer since it's supposed to keep raining for awhile. I've shut down all the automatic drip watering as well. It just keeps raining. There's no bad weather attached to the rains thank goodness. We have had nice gentle rains from 1/4 to 1 inch at a time. All the garden plants are looking good.

    Ducks will definitely keep the grasshopper population down. They are relentless hopper gobblers. They must taste like candy to them as they never get tired of eating them.

    Have a great duck raising day.


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