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Friday, May 27, 2011

Got compost!

Got a truck load of compost!!!!  Guess what my 2 teenage boys are doing tomorrow?
On the way to Billings Montana, we took the backroads.  Had to take this pic!

I hope that the weather is nice tomorrow.  I'd like to let my ducklings meander thru my gardening beds before I fill them with compost.

Speaking of ducklings... they're getting so big so fast!!!

5 days old and growing fast!


  1. Wow you get your kids to shovel compost? My kids never did that when they were growing up. Though my son did help with bags of manure some years.

  2. The ducklings are so cute! They ARE growing fast! I bet they will enjoy their day out in the garden.

  3. Only we gardeners get excited about a huge pile of compost or aged manure that has to be moved! LOL!

    The ducklings are growing but the cute factor is still off the charts with them. :D


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