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Thursday, May 12, 2011

in the boxes...

Yesterday, the sun was shining after a few days of rain, so I headed out to the garden!  

Now remember... this is northern Wyoming... we are way behind you in the gardening season!

So I started working in my SFG boxes, cutting away broken string, pulling some weeds, filling holes from where I pulled plants last Fall.  I have GOT TO get to Billings to get my truck load of compost!  My garden really needs it!

I'm sad to say that again this year, despite my good intentions... I did NOT seed any tomato plants.  Sigh... but my dear neighbor who is so kind to me... gave me a bunch of her seedlings.  Now mind you... they can't go into the ground for a few more weeks!

However, there is a much expanded green house not too far away with a wide variety of plants that would love to call my SFG home!  *smiles*

So now is the time to plant cold hardy arugula, peas, chard... and other greens.


  1. I always have my compost delivered. I don't even have a car anymore. Technically my husband owns the car. And it's little. Though today we are picking up bamboo and hoping it fits in my townhouse mate's little Prius. We will have to lay them down on their side to bring them home.

  2. Hi Daphne! I've been so tempted to trade my Big Blue truck in on a Prius... I want one desperately... but then, as my husband keeps pointing out... what would I haul "my stuff" in then?

    Hoping the bamboo fits. I'm sure it will. The seats go down in the Prius creating a nice cargo area. Maybe if you run out of run you can put the bamboo kitty corner and have the extra length go out the passenger window. If I were closer, I'd gladly take Big Blue over to pick it up. *smiles*

    I have to go to Billings to get my compost, some 90 miles away (one way). You know... we're in the boon docks here. Got to travel for everything. Anyway, I called the compost place and asked about delivery. Well, let's just say that 2 legs and 3 arms is just way too much to pay!

    PS... I took Big Blue to Denver a few weekends ago. All was fine until the valet crunch him in the parking garage... sigh...


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