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Thursday, May 12, 2011

strawberry plants...

My neighbor just me a bunch of strawberry plants!!!!  Will get them in the ground today!

Another neighbor gave me a whole bunch of irises!  Got to get them planted too!  I envision having them all along the front of the house.

Don't I have some awesome neighbors?


  1. TONI!!!!!! I'm been so worried/wondering about you. So glad to know you're almost back growing with us.

  2. Hi Ribbit! You are always so kind Ribbit! Thank you!

  3. Toni-LOVE the new header photo....though you and I both have to wait a LONG time for any of that! We have a first week of June planting time for Tomatoes too and even then we are not sure they'll be safe. Love the cool summers but.........not when it comes to tomatoes!
    Glad you're back! I've wondered where you went..


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