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Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunflowers blooming, tomatoes turning RED!

I LOVE Sunflowers!!! Love them!!! Look at this beauty!

And this one... just blooming! Love it!!!!
Oh my gosh... the "side shoots" on my broccoli plants are producing heads BIGGER than the main heads that I enjoyed in July!
I can't decide when to harvest this cabbage. It's a first timer for me! And then... I have to decide what I'm going to do with it!!!
Do you see what I see? Red... well... almost RED! Some of my tomatoes are starting to ripen up! YEAH!!!!
Sorry to be away for a while...

I've been busy mudding sheetrock at our new house.
You can see our new home in the background of the yellow sunflower. I'm working really hard to get a bathroom mudded... primed... and painted so that I can THEN... do the tiling... and hubby can install THE TOILET!

To read more about my other GRAND ADVENTURE, pop on over to that blog. I officially invite you!


  1. Lookin good, Toni! I'm doing cabbage for the second time this fall. Last fall's never headded.

  2. Those are some really big side shoots! Mine were tiny things. You harvest the cabbage when the head is firm. I feel for ya on the sheetrock, but the worst part is sanding the joints!

  3. Your garden is really paying dividends now. That broccoli side shoot is huge and the cabbage is just perfect. I love sunflowers as well, especially that big yellow one you have!

  4. Mmmmmm. Cabbage. What do you usually do? I love Asian-inspired cabbage slaw/salads. So good. Your bathroom sounds like a great project -- and even more to enjoy when it's done. Good luck!

  5. I'm glad your tomatoes are starting to ripen. I'm hoping to have a few before we head out in September.
    The broccoli looks great! I finally yanked mine yesterday. We finally got some heat and it all turned to flowers overnight.

  6. EG is correct, when the cabbage head feels firm, cut it off. If left too long, it will split. If you cut it just under the head, it might reward you with some side shoots of baby cabbages, much like your broccoli does! Those sunflowers are gorgeous. Mine got broken off in a windstorm :-(

  7. What a gorgeous color on that first sunflower! But the huge yellow one with the blue sky! Isn't great how excited we get over a ripening tomato?? Hope it tastes as good as the anticipation!

  8. That is a pretty orange/yellow sunflower and your carrots look great! I pulled a carrot the other day but it's taste was not impressive.


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