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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harvest... red beets, greens, beans, radishes

I should have harvested my veggies BEFORE watering! Did you happen to see my Keen sandals from yesterday's post? Oh my! We have heavy clay soil here... and I was totally weighed down!

LOL!!! Anyway... I pulled quite a little harvest... even had enough beets and lettuce to share with my folks!

Included in my harvest: green beans... just a few..., radishes, baby romaine, leaf lettuce, my new most favorite green... swiss chard... (oh... lunch time is calling me!!!!) and beets.

I spied my very first baby Mandan Corn ear yesterday... yeah!!! And 2 little baby watermelons!


  1. That's fantastic! How do you prepare your chard? I've eaten it since I was very little, but still sometimes the "squeakiness" gets to me. Too much oxalic acid, I think.

  2. Your harvest looks wonderful! I've done that before too... harvested after watering. So funny! -Jackie

  3. Great harvest today! I'm jealous about the watermelon. Mine is being stubborn and seems to be refusing to grow. Maybe it didn't like the heatwave either?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are FINALLY cooling down. I can sleep at night again!

  4. Hi Toni. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like your garden design. The square-foot-style raised beds are so cute :) -Jackie


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