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Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Video Tour 8/21/09

Hi there gardening friends!!! I'm so enjoying reading all about your harvests!!!

Granny, I have canning envy!!! You have so many beautiful jars of garden yummies! That's my dream... to have a pantry FILLED with jars and jars of beautiful garden veggies!

My tomatoes are starting to turn! I have lots of fruit on my plants so... I'm hoping for lots of tomato sauce to can! Probably mid-September I'll be full out canning!

Finally made another garden tour video! Come on by for a quick 3 minute tour!


  1. Toni, you're gonna be covered up in peppers soon! Great video, and the garden is coming along nicely.

  2. Video really is a nice way to show the garden. Your stuff looks great, and wow, the sunflowers!-Beautiful!

  3. Oh, I am so not a city girl! We are eager to get back to our gardens. In Anacortes we have a dry summer (believe it or not) but very cool temps. But the frost free season extends nearly year-round. We didn't manage to grow any summer crops last year: no tomatoes ripened or peppers or eggplants or zucchini: we had moved to the west side of the island and had too much cool ocean wind. But in the central part, where we used to live, we had great summer crops including wonderful beans.

    Hmm, my mouth is watering after looking at that carrot! Can't wait!

  4. Hi EG! Yes!!! Lots of peppers... now for tomatoes... and salsa!

    Sue-Thank You!!!

    Hey Peg-I hope that you have a beautiful garden next year! I ate that carrot... it was sweet and crunchy. Love carrots! And found out that I love Swiss Chard!

  5. Your garden is looking great and it always seems so sunny. You must get lots of sun there in your climate. Your fall beans have really done well. I planted some as well but the squirrels got to them. I have since started some in cell packs indoors which I need to plant out soon. As for your broccoli problem, I think the best way to avoid this is to grow them in cell packs in a protected spot until they have 3 or 4 leaves. Plant them out after that and they will be able to with stand attacks better.


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