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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My vines are finally growing!

Welcome... welcome!!!
A big welcome to Hidinginmygarden and EllieMaesCottage! Hey, thanks for following my blog you guys!

Lettuce continues to be my biggest harvest, although I have begun to enjoy some beets and... have found that I love swiss chard!!!! I'm almost craving swish chard... like everyday!!!

My Romas are growing lots of fruit. I am finding some blossom end rot, though... : ( Below is a photo of my Rutger bush.

This is my first time growing Opalkas. What a strange looking tomato! It almost looks like a cucumber!!! I bought a few indeterminate plants at the Master Gardener Plant sale in May. Wish I had bought more actually! But I have 2 Opalkas and 2 Rutgers.
My vines are finally starting to grow! Look at the pretty bloom on my cantaloupe vine!
Lots of Romas... grow... grow!!!
This is one of my watermelon vines. It's finally long enough to reach the trellis that I build last week.
This is another cantaloupe vine. In the photo behind the vine is a sea shell... put it there... well... just because!
I seeded some broccoli inside a week or so ago. Most of those seeds have germinated. This will be for a fall crop.

My new bush been seedlings started in my onion box are coming up nicely. Can't believe how fast they're growing! Also started some more baby romaine and radishes in various squares through out the garden... loving SFG!!!

Well, got to run and pick some lettuce to go with our home made nachos!


  1. My watermelon were slow growers as well. They're not even the size of softballs, so they're about to find the exit.

    Those tomatoes sure are odd looking! I can hear you with the evil voice: "Grow my pretties, Grow...Grow....Grooooowwwww!" Lightening burst, thunder, insert evil laugh here.

  2. Oh Ribbit-you had me laughing!!!!

  3. That is a very strange looking opalka tomato. Melon vines take alot of water when running, and are pretty slow growers, too. Hopefully they'll get on with it.

  4. Hi EG-aren't they the strangest looking tomatoes? I'll look at the tag again to be sure.

    Thanks for the tip about watering... I'm on it!

    EG!!!! I have baby watermelons... just saw them today!!

  5. Look at all those beautiful tomatoes. I bet in a couple weeks you will not even notice the melons, they will be huge!

  6. Looking good Toni! Isn't swiss chard the bomb!? I love it and always have some growing in my garden - generally year round with some in containers in the greenhouse during the winter.

  7. Hi Dan. That will be great! It's my first time growing melons!

  8. Isn't it fun when they really start to take off?

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  10. I agree about loving swiss shard...nnever had it before but tired it a few weeks ago now i'm looking for seeds to sow for the fall crop!!

  11. Thanks for the welcome, Toni! I love your photo's, they're very inspirational.

  12. Hi Toni,
    Love your site and all the photos. I am currently setting up my own site but not an expert on the computer. You have inspired me.
    I have had a sfg for nearly 2 years but still learning heaps. I love eating my fresh veg's like you.
    Cheers from Ray in Australia.

  13. Hi Ray! Thanks for your kind words!

    Looking forward to seeing your blog! 2 years... wow!!! You have tons of experience to share!!!!

    Toni in Wyoming


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