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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garden Overview photo

Harvested some more beets today. Will enjoy them tomorrow with Sunday dinner!

Here's an overview photo of my SFG.
My beautiful baby broccoli seedlings that I transplanted... didn't survive... they got eaten... sigh....

I was thinking that if I collect gallon milk jugs and cut out the bottoms that I could use these to protect my transplanted seedlings... Anyone else do something like that?

Now for some garden blog reading... got to get caught up!


  1. Toni - things that don't require bees for pollination allow you to apply very aggressive pesticides to protect them, without feeling guilty about it. That's what I do with mine....

  2. The garden is looking good Toni - despite whatever is eating your broccoli starts!

  3. Hi Toni
    I use milk jugs in the spring for the tomato MIGHT work for broccoli-but they like cool temps so it might get too warm for them. That wasnt' much help, was it.....

  4. Hi Toni,
    I cut plastic lemonade bottles in half and use them to protect my seedlings as soon as they sprout. While I'm out watering and weeding, I take the bottles off so the seedlings get some direct sun for at least part of the day.
    I hope that helps.

  5. Oh dear (or is it deer?). I would think in the heat a milk jug would fry the plants to death. I use row covers and it protects my brassicas from a lot of things. Not slugs or sow bugs which also like to eat them, but it does keep off my other pests.

  6. I guess it depends on when they're getting eaten and by what. Row covers would be easier in some ways.

  7. I'm with Daphne: row covers help. My brassicas love their blankie. I usually let them get a little size before I expose them to the cruel, hungry world.

    Your garden is gorgeous, so orderly and versatile!

  8. EG-how did you know that I was feeling guilty about spraying for those grasshoppers? I did take your advice and got some sevin. Did the job beautifully. But, now I need to learn about which of my crops require bee pollination...

    KitsapFG-THANK YOU!!!

    Sue-I think that your right... milk jugs might make my broccoli too hot.

    Hidinginmygarden-shoot, never thought of pop bottles! I've been accumulating them to use as warmers for the impending cooler weather. So might give your idea a try until I can get row covers!

    Daphne-I remember seeing your row covers on your posts. I have to get some!

    Stefaneener-row covers sound good.

    June-OK... row covers it is!!! Thank you for your kind words June! I'm loving SFG... what a pleasure gardening has been this year!!! Like NO weeding!!!


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