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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ah... the goodness of a ripe, sweet tomato!

A big welcome to Whitney! Thanks for following my blog!

This is the tomato that I've been photographing for weeks now! It's a Rutger variety. The other day it went from reddish... to red. My son Aaron was out inspecting the garden... and picked it! Lucky for me, he brought it in to show me before devouring it!

We each ate half... Oh my goodness... I have never tasted a tomato like that! It was so sweet! Wow!

My Romas are turning red too! Tomato sauce... here I come!
I bought some of those Mrs. Wages packets that Granny's been talking about... want to try the ketchup. Wouldn't that be awesome if my family actually liked it?
My sunflowers are all blooming now! Just love them!

Well... today I'm riping out my green beans.

They didn't hardly produce anything... just looked sickly all the time. The seed I used was old... maybe that was my problem. Gone are my visions of jars of canned green beans lining my pantry shelf... I'll have to go the farmer's market and buy some.... : (

Be gone sickly green beans... make way for a fall planting of broccoli seedlings... and spinach... and lettuce.. and arugula... and ???

Oh, I bought Eliot Coleman's Winter Season Handbook and just started reading it... Ah... visions of cool weather crops gracing my dinner table in the chilly winter.... Hmmmm...


  1. Good for you, Toni! The tomatoes are coming in big time, here. Too bad on the beans, maybe a different variety would do better?

  2. Toni, your sunflowers are delightful! And congratulations on the first tomato.

  3. I love Coleman's take on winter gardening. It should be very useful where you are. It's SO nice to see you finally getting to enjoy a real homegrown tomato. How proud you must be.

  4. Your garden caught up with and is now a bit ahead of mine. I've had a few ripe cherry tomatoes but my Rutgers aren't turning yet. My Romas (that haven't gotten BER are just starting to show some color change & I have 1 Thessaloniki turning red.
    Bummer on the beans... I thought sure they'd kick into gear. There's always next year, right?

  5. What beautiful tomatoes. My long days to harvest heirlooms are just starting to ripen now. Can't wait for the true stars of the garden to be ready. I still need to read the winter handbook, I have just read the old four seasons harvest book. I should get ordering!

  6. You're sunflowers are so pretty, Toni.
    Sorry about your green beans....old seed does that! I always buy fresh veg seeds-they're cheap insurance on having a good crop.
    We've been running about the same on our gardens, but you are ahead on the tomatoes! I am finally getting cherry toms, but my big toms aren't ripening. I have ONE that's turning, but that's it. Sigh. Glad yours are behaving!!

  7. Just pick our first tomato tonight and had it for supper. It is so rewarding to see something you grew and cared for on your plate!!


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