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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's 70 degrees today!

It's a bright sunny day here in northern Wyoming!  The sun feels really warm!

It's 70 degrees today... in my little hoop house that is...

I just harvested some more greens!


  1. Awww, sheesh, you had me going there for a minute with declaring it was 70 degrees in Wyoming. Just out of curiosity what was the outside temperature? We haven't seen 70 for at least 4 weeks here in Nebraska. We now think it's real warm when it get into the upper 40s. My outside work is done for this year.

    Have a great winter greens garden day.

  2. Wow, 70 degrees in your hoop house! That's awesome. Is that light your only heat source?

  3. Hi David... sorry about that! It's 33 degrees outside with bright sun! Beautiful! The sun is very warm and honestly... 33 degrees feels like a heat wave!

  4. Hey Meems, the only reason that it's 70 degrees in my hoop house is because of the gorgeous sunshine we're having today... well... and the fact that it's 33 degrees outside.


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