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Friday, June 25, 2010

Die... Grasshoppers... DIE!

Just read a really informative article on how to preserve Basil... HERE!

We've enjoyed 2 beautiful warm summer days here in Northern Wyoming... and that's all it took for my pea plants to start blooming!

My battle with grasshoppers has begun... they've eaten to death several of my pepper plants... Every morning I dust with Diatomaceous Earth... while saying... DIE GRASSHOPPERS... DIE... under my breath of course...

I plucked a white radish this morning... it got eaten before I could photograph it!  : )


  1. Go after those grasshoppers and while you're at it, tell them to twitter their little hopping friends in the south that the same fate awaits them.

  2. Ok will do Ribbit... off to dust those beasties.... Die southern grasshoppers.... DIE WE SAY!

  3. Oh DEAR! I wonder if you had ducks whether they would eat the grasshoppers.

  4. From what I've read, chickens and muscovy ducks LOVE to eat grasshoppers!

    I really wanted to get some this year, but thought that it was a little unreasonable to ask my husband to build me a coop AND FINISH THE HOUSE!

    Next year!!!

  5. Sigh......I feel for you with the grasshoppers. They are eating EVERYTHING. I have thought of getting ducks too, but am unable to deal with them ON TOP of everything else going on right now.
    I'll be wishing you luck with your "hoppers"

  6. You got them bad too Sue?

    Been wanting chickens or ducks... but like you... just can't do it right now!

  7. Yikes, grasshoppers eating the plants??

  8. Me too...grasshopers or flea beetles or something chewing on the leaves. Hope the DE works.


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