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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It started out sunny but to the north the Pryor mountains were engulfed in dark foreboding clouds....

Then the lightening started... long streaks lighting up the darkened sky followed by loud, "jump out of your seat" cracks of thunder.

The rain was propelled sideways by a driving wind as it poured down upon my metal roof like a waterfall onto the ground!

Thankfully... I had just finished putting the rest of the cages around my tomato plants!

Now...  The sky has brightened a bit and the wind has calmed.  Rain continues to come down but more gently....

Garden additions:
Stopped by the greenhouse today... purchased:
-1 Spaghetti Squash (planted!)
-2 Red Bell Peppers (planted!)
-2 Green Bell Peppers (planted!)
-2 Oregano plants (planted in a clay pot!)
-2 beautiful Red Geraniums (planted!)

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  1. That's quite a view, even if it's stormy. Spaghetti squash? Blech! I tried it and didn't like it.....


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