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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden update 6/2/10

We've had some nice Spring rains and bright warm sunshine here in northern Wyoming... and my garden is loving it!

For those who may be new to my blog, I'm using Mel's Square Foot Gardening method.  This is my second year doing square foot gardening... it's so much fun deciding what's going to go in each of my 1x1' squares!

Here's an update of what's happening....

My peas and onions are doing great!
The peas are reaching up, just about ready to climb up the sticks!  You can see my shallots and onions in the right squares behind the peas in this box.

Also coming up are my beans.  For the very first time, I'm growing Royal Burgundy Beans and Kentucky Wonder Pole beans!

My cucumbers have also poked thru the soil with their two little leaves... and remember those carrot seed mats that I planted?  Well... some of my Danvers Half Long carrots have germinated as well (I grew these last year, they were delicious and perfect for my SFG.)!

To Do...
My big chore is adding more dirt mix to my boxes.  I'm amazed at how much dirt is gone!  Most of my boxes need at least a 1/3 more dirt added to fill them up.

PS... I haven't set out my tomato plants yet. I'm letting the seedlings grow a bit as I started them late.  I'm trying some Amish Paste tomatoes for the first time!


  1. It's amazing how much soil is lost by removing plants at the end of the growing season. I try to shake as much as I can from the roots, but never get it all. It's great to hear your garden is starting to take off!

  2. Wow, looks great. My carrots are showing some greenery this week, as well. So happy that the true garden season has begun!

  3. Your garden looks spectacular-what a great overview photo! It must be nice to walk down each aisle, checking on all the SFG boxes! I love the addition of the gravel, as it makes everything look even more organized!


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