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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A trellis for my cukes and pole beans

Found corn growing in a mulch heap on the side of my garden.  So I carefully dug up the seedlings and transplanted them in one of my boxes....

I've been thinking and thinking about EG's trellises... he is the King of using trellises in his garden... so in this box... inspired by EG... I'm using one trellis for cukes and the other for pole beans.

And here's a short video about my trellised bed.


  1. Love your trellis and your raised beds! You've got so many of them! How wonderful! I'm using store-bought tomato trellises from my cukes. Every year they work, but this year my cucumber vines are taller than normal and I'm going to have to try something else. You've given me a great idea... now I've got to see if I can recruit hubby to help. :)

  2. Toni, I always love reading your post and looking at your garden. I hope you do well with the trellis. This year I will be using a trellis for green beans, cantaloupe, and cucumbers.

  3. Hi Debiclegg! Thank you so much for your kind words!

    Good luck with your trellis! Can't wait to see pictures of your green beans, cantaloupe, and cucumbers climbing up!


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