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Monday, June 28, 2010

My very first pea...

My very first itty bitty pea....

And as I walked around the garden I saw a flower on one of my eggplants!

The 4 squares of radishes that I planted are all sprouting!  My husband LOVES radishes, so I try to plant lots of them throughout the summer.

Here's a photo of my gardening buddy.  Her name is Missy. She adopted us this spring.  I'm hoping to teach her to chase the kittens OUT of the garden!!!  : 0


  1. The pea is sooo tiny! So cute! You have flowers on your eggplant? Nice! Ours is growing so slowly. I can't wait til it has flowers.

  2. Woohoo! Three cheers for the pea and the sweet pea! She's a doll.

  3. Missy is adorable, and i'm sure she'll chase all kinds of critters away...

  4. Perhaps Missy can chase the critters out of the garden, too? They're gobbling everything in site at my place. Now here's a question for you -- what is it with men and radishes? Every man I know loves 'em. Every woman I know feels ambivalent...

  5. EG-she is a sweet dog. Loves everyone... and so smart!

    Hi Kate. I don't personally care for radishes... my hubby likes them spicy... don't know what it is!

  6. You beat me with your first pea. Mice gave me a run for my money and they pea are just finally flowering.
    Your garden is looking great!


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