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Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 degrees outside this morning at 7am... but...

It's 12 degrees outside this morning at 7am... but... inside my hoop house, it's a cozy 43.7 degrees F.

It's amazing what a  light bulb can do... and it has made all the difference in keeping the temperature up.

see the work light dangling from the center of the hoop house?

sleeping bag covering my little hoop house, an extra layer for frigid nights


  1. Oh Toni-you make me laugh! What will the neighbors think?? There's that crazy woman that tucks her garden in!!!
    Winter is going to be over soooo fast for you--you're keeping busy messing with Mother Nature!
    I really think hubby needs to get you a big greenhouse. If he hasn't taken the hint by now, you'll have to show him this!
    Best to you!

  2. Thanks Sue! I will show hubby your note!!! : )

    I was just out there in the freezing cold gathering some greens! Got to remember to wear gloves before I start playing in the snow next time!

  3. As I was eating my breakfast Sue, thinking about your comment... I thought that I should mention that my sweet husband is spending all his spare time finishing my dream house...

    I'm sure that he'd love to help me make a greenhouse once the house is done! And build some chicken coups.. and...

  4. Heck I'm a gardener and I think you are a crazy ;> I wouldn't go out and harvest when it was too cold. I was waiting until this weekend when it warmed up above freezing.

  5. Daphne.... the truth is out... I am "the crazy gardener woman in northern Wyoming..." : ) Crazy... but Happy!

    Is it really that cold there in MA?


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