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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hoop House Experiment update 12/3/10

Sorry for the long absence!  The weather was really cold for a good week or so before Thanksgiving.  Too cold for photographs!

It's been a little warmer since black Friday with temps getting up to the 30s during the day and teens at night.

Hoop House update...
My little hoop house stays between the 20s & 30s during the night even with the chilly teen temps thanks to my fortifications (Christmas lights and a sleeping bag cover over the plastic).

Unfortunately, I did lose some plants to the bitter cold though.  My huge arugula "bush" that was growing so nicely on the west side really took a beating... not sure if it'll make a come back, we'll see.  And 2 of my swiss chard plants on the north side look really sad.

But still growing are spinach, swiss chard, and arugula... as well as my micro greens including mesclun, radish, and sunflower.

Today I harvested some of the greens that will be used in my morning green smoothie... yup... still drinking down that delicious fruity green stuff!

greens harvested from the hoop house 12/3/10

Hope that you had a yummy Thanksgiving!

For the first time in our new home, we hosted 16 family & friends.  And it looks like Christmas dinner will be here too this year!


  1. It sounds like your experiment is working. When I first read that you used Christmas lights in your hoop house, I went down stairs to see if we had any extra lights. I found rope lights and put them in my cold frames. I will be posting on my little experiment in the near future. Thanks for such a good idea.

  2. Wow, I'm impressed that anything would still be growing in Northern Wyoming by now. I might have to try some hoop house growing next fall. It is, from what I've read about it, quite different than summer time growing.

    Have a great garden hoop day.

  3. Hi Robin! Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to reading about your pretty cold frame!

  4. Hi David! I know! I'm very excited to be able to harvest some greens in December!!!! Will look forward to hearing more about your hoop house next year!

  5. The experiment can be deemed a real success since the plants managed well in a bout of real cold. Now it's just a matter of keeping the protections in place through the long winter. Isn't it nice to have fresh greens during the dark days of winter? Makes the season extension efforts worth it (in my opinion!).

  6. The greens look excellent Toni!

  7. Ah chard. It is just a memory to me now. I have a lot in the freezer but won't pull it out until all my Asian greens are eaten or dead. It is amazing that you are still getting harvests.


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