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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

yes... 68.5 degrees

Hi gardening friends!

I'm just back from walking the dog.  I was surprised by how warm it is out there... I know... warm is relative and you might be laughing at me when I say that it's 31 degrees F here.

But the sun is shining in the bright blue sky... and it feels so good!

The temperature in the hoop house is 68.5 degrees F (and climbing!)... and with bright sunshine it's sure to be nice and cozy by this afternoon!

I'm about ready to begin laying tile in the 1st floor bathroom... yay... we're going to have a bathroom on the first floor just in time for Christmas!!!  Well... if I get off the computer and get to work...LOL...


  1. Oh wow, that is amazing that the hoop house is so warm. I bet the plants love it.

  2. Such variable weather you're having. I hope the plants love it.


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