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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's here... let the dreaming begin!

I am the proud recipient of my very own Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog!  I have been on the list to get one for months now... and here it is in my hands!

It is beautiful!!!  Filled with gorgeous pictures of fruit and vegetables to drool over!

Just a moment ago, my husband and I were fighting over who got to look at it first!  He won when I mistakenly put it down to type something on the computer.  Possibly, he needs his own copy...

OK... marker in hand... off to bed I go with my precious seed catalog!!  Ah the dreams I will have tonight!!!!


  1. I just love when new catalogs come-oh the dreams I dream! But of course, I usually end up with the old favorite standby's. But this year, I'm definately going to try new things (in flowers!!)
    Have a great day, Toni!

  2. I'm jealous...I have only received a couple of good seed catalogs so far...I'm patiently waiting!

  3. Good morning Robin! I love getting seed catalogs in the dead of winter!!! As soon as the holidays are over... Let the garden planning begin!!!

  4. Yes the first seed catalog of the year is quite an event for me as well. I have received one already and usually get a couple more near Christmas time. It's a great Christmas present for me. I've already been thinking about what I will change for the next gradening year. That's just what gardeners do.

    Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  5. Good morning David, thanks for stopping by! Love receiving seed catalogs! But this is the first time that I've gotten a Baker's Creek catalog!! All heirloom seeds!!!

  6. Oh Baker Creek is one of my most favorite Catalogs!! I seen you post on their website so I came over to look at your blog. Awesome!! Hope you might come by and visit mine. Merry Christmas!!


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