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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's 26.6 degrees in the hoop house this morning....

Good morning...

We had hoar frost on Monday.  Everything was covered in glimmering crystals!
It's 6am here in the wilds of Wyoming.  Still dark outside.

The outside temperature is 15 degrees.  But, inside the hoop house it's 26.6 but my temperature display says that it got down to 24.0 during the night.

During the day with bright sun it gets up to the 70s in my little hoop house even though it'll be only in the 30s.

My work light that I have dangling from the hoops burned out a while ago.  Today I'll put a new bulb in it.  It helps to raise the temperature about 5 degrees or so.


  1. Wow, 70 degrees when the outside temperature is only 30. The sun sure makes a difference. I hope you figure out how to keep the night time temperatures up.

    Have a great hoop garden day.

  2. Mine got down to 28F last night. Outside 15F. Its been cold even here in balmy Boston. It is supposed to get colder tonight. Brrrr.

  3. Hi David, adding a light has made all the difference!

    Oh boy Daphne! You guys are getting the cold that we had the past couple weeks! How are your greens doing? I so love all the asian greens that you grow!


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