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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Watered the plants in the hoop house

Took a break from mudding walls to do a little work in my hoop house on the beautiful sunny warmish (maybe 30?) afternoon.

a peek into the hoop house
Here's what I did today:
-pulled the large arugula plant that died in the chilly teens last week
-planted some spinach and radish seeds

Hoop House improvements:
-put a large piece of styrofoam on the north side
-put a smaller piece of styrofoam on the west side
-added 2 hot water filled containers to the north side

Hopefully these improvements should help shelter the plants a little better.

sad little swiss chard in the north west corner... can't you just see it shivering?


swiss chard

swiss chard


  1. Yea-spinach---now I know where to steal some!!!
    Of course, I'd have to DRIVE for a couple days and spend a few hundred on hotels and gas......
    But, it would be worth it for fresh yummy spinach!!
    I can't believe how well your stuff is doing-good deal!

  2. Swiss Chard is so darn pretty and tastes good, too.


  3. Hi Sue! That's be one expensive bunch of spinach!!!! LOL!

    I agree Donna, Swiss Chard is really pretty! I love the red stalks!

  4. Beautiful Swiss chard. Will you be able to grow all winter long?

  5. I love reading about the progress in your hoop house. That's great that some of the plants are doing well!!

  6. Hi Kate! I'm hoping to keep stuff alive all winter!!!

  7. Thanks Meems! It's a challenge with this bitter cold! This morning at 6:15am it's 15 degrees outside, but 25.3 degrees in my hoop house.

  8. Toni,

    I finally added a heat lamp to our unheated greenhouse. I've pick up some insulation type stuff but haven't placed it on the west wall yet. I've got row covers over the agurla and lettus. My Swiss Chard seams to hybernating in the cold frams. The cabbages aren't making much progress in either location, but haven't died and look good. I'll have to try planting spinich. I'll have to post pictures soon. Cheyenne has been getting the same weather.

  9. Hi Christine! Can't wait to see your pictures!


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