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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's 53.6 degrees...

Hello gardening friends!

I am so enjoying my little hoop house.  It's fun to make little adjustments to see how to add warmth.

Most of my plants survived the November/December chill of single digit temps or weeks of temperatures in the teens at night.  Usually we get 2 weeks of deep freeze in January.  I'm hoping that we're done with the really cold cold weather... but that might be a little optimistic!

Having a light bulb hanging in the middle of the hoop house has made the biggest difference... and covering the hoop house up at night... yes... with a sleeping bag!

This morning at 7am (before sunrise), it's 53.6 degrees F.  Outside, according to my truck, it's only 24 degrees.

Who is your favorite seed supplier?


  1. I have three favorite seed suppliers. Stokes, Henry Fields, and Burpie catalogs are the ones that I browse through and order from. I have all the equipment to start plants from seeds but just haven't gotten the hang to it yet. I haven't been able to produce any plants to set out in the garden yet but will begin the process of experimentation soon to get the process down by the time spring arrives.

    Have a great hoop day. May your garden grow all winter long.

  2. David, gardening sure is one big experiment!!! Last year I bought all my starter plants... I confess. But usually I start all my tomatoes from seed.

    I want to grow most of my plants from seed this coming gardening season!!! I'm hoping for your grand success David!!!!!

  3. I like Fedco. They are a co-op that caters to the farmers in New England. So I know the seed they pick will do well in my conditions. Plus it is cheaper that normal catalogs. They even tell you where your seed comes from. Ie local farmer, small farmer elsewhere, or multinational corporation.

  4. Daphne, do you get your asian greens from them too?


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