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Friday, December 10, 2010

Morning surprise...

I've got my painting clothes on this morning!  Going to give the 1st floor bathroom a 2nd coat of paint today!!!

As I stepped outside shortly before 6am, in my short sleeve shirt to let the dog out, I was surprised by how warm it was out there!!!!

It's in the 30s this morning!!!  Not having to scrape the windshield... "It's a good thing!"

In the little hoop house it's 52.7 degrees!

I'm heading out there shortly to pick some nice fresh greens!


  1. Wow, 52 degrees. That's great. I like being informed of the progress of your hoop house. Please keep the information flowing.

  2. Good morning David! Thanks for your comment! Appreciate you stopping by!

    I was so surprised to see the temp this morning! Hoping some of my seeds germinate!


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