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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

double digits below ZERO!

Oh my gosh... COLD COLD COLD!!!
It's -11 this morning at 6:20am.  We're on the end of a cold snap... for now!

But in my precious little hoop house the coldest it got is 28.0 degrees F!

Have a little light bulb and a sleeping bag cover seems to be keeping the hoop house warm...ish!


  1. Boy....that's definitely cold!!! It sounds like soup weather to me :)

  2. I think you below zero weather is headed for Nebraska. The forecast says below zero tonight will give us concern for tomorrow morning car starts. Hopefully it won't be a concern for my household. My little truck that could resided in a semi heated garage right under my bedroom so no problem there. The issue will be my daughter's car that sits outside in the elements.

    Your blog on the hoop house that could has been a great inspiration to me to give winter gardening a try. If you can do it in Wyoming than I can do it in Nebraska.

    Have a great Winter garden day.

  3. Hey, I think the picture on top of your blog looks like my front yard! Stay warm.

  4. Robin, I LOVE soup! I'm having left over cheesy ham & potato soup with crunchy sprouts added in. My family on the other hand, can only stand soup maybe... once per week!

    David, thanks for stopping by! I always find your comments so uplifting! Yes, YOU CAN DO IT DAVID! What gardening zone are you over there in Nebraska?


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