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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's snowing...

We're back to a deep freeze here in northern Wyoming.  It's going down below zero for the next couple nights.

This afternoon it started snowing and we've got a couple inches of dry fluffy accumulation.  As I walked Missy tonight, I was struck by the stillness and quiet.  The snow was still coming down in very fine flakes.  Wonder how much snow we'll have in the morning?

I've got the trucks plugged in so that they'll start in the morning.  They don't like below zero weather....

And the little hoop house is all buttoned up for cold weather.. the light is on... the sleeping bag is sprawled over top of the plastic... and even though it's 10 degrees right now outside... it's 35.6 degrees inside the little hoop house.

I promised myself that I would get my seeds ordered this month... I'd better git to it before I run out of month!

Good night... as Ribbit says, "the morning comes early."  And it sure does in my world!  


  1. Toni, I think it's heading our way. Eastern Nebraska is supposed to get three inches of new snow from this storm. I'm sure glad I don't have to get out in it any more. I can sit back sip my second cup of coffee and watch all the neighbors scraping and shoveling to get to work.

    I hope the little hoop house that could will continue to do for the rest of the winter.

    Have a restful night and great day tomorrow.

  2. I have to put my seed order in too. I keep postponing that!

  3. We are getting more snow too. I can't believe how mush we have gotten. My husband was complaining that the weatherman casually mentioned we would get another 1-2 feet this week. That is a lot of snow. I guess even the weathermen are getting blase about the snow. At least we don't have cold like you do. We did have our under zero temps, but only for a short time.

  4. We're getting more snow today. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. So pretty, but it wears me out.

    Hope everything stays as warm as need be in the little hoop house.


  5. Daphne, been one heck of a snowy winter for you guys! Been one heck of a cold winter for us!


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