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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Kitazawa Seed catalog arrived today...

Inspired by Daphne's wonderful harvests of Asian greens... I decided to request my own copy of the Kitazawa Seed catalog, "Your Source for Asian Vegetable Seeds" and take a look...

Look at her tatsoi growing in her hoop tunnel!  Aren't her greens just beautiful?

Since I've started making green smoothies, I've become very interested in different greens.   I hope to grow lots of greens this upcoming gardening season.

Some Asian greens that I'm considering (based on Daphne's success over the past couple years) include:
bok choi
chinese broccoli
Fun Jen

Do you have a favorite green?  So far... I love swiss chard, spinach, kale and arugula... and salad greens too!

Hoop House Report
temperature inside the HH at 3:30pm: 55.2 degrees F
termparature outside: 12 degrees F with bright sunshine!

I opened up my hoop house this afternoon.  It had gotten up to 85 degrees all covered up with the heat lamp on.  So I took off the sleeping bag cover and turned off the light... and gave all the plants a good watering.

All the plants look good!  Well, the arugula has gone to seed...


  1. Aw, man...that's great! A little sunshine sure can heat up a hoophouse on a frigid day.

  2. It's been a wonderful journey to follow your hoop house blog. It has inspired me to try to extend my season next fall.

    May your little hoop house that could continue to provide greens all winter long.

    Have a great day in the winter garden.

  3. Love the new header photo, Toni.
    We lost so much snow last week-all my raised beds are exposed. Sheesh-this has been the oddest winter for us.

    Love the nice greenery-I gotta admit, I'm starting to get antsy to sow seeds. But, there's a LOT of winter left.

  4. Asian greens are fabulous! Good luck with them!

  5. Greens are great, but I have to confess to hating arugula. I tried it once and promptly ripped it out of my garden. Tatsoi on the other hand is fabulous and I just love it in soup.

  6. Hi David! Thanks for stopping by. My little hoop house that could has been a fun experiment! Still have several more months of cold weather to get thru though...

    Hi Sue. Thanks. I wanted to show everyone my garden beds all covered in snow. Sue, you could grow some microgreens inside on your window sill!!

    There's a lot of winter left here in Wyoming too. But I'm thinking of putting up hoops over some of my other beds and starting some more plants in Feb!

  7. Hi Meems! Thanks. Do you have a favorite Asian green?

    Hey Daphne. Arugula is a strong spicy green! I love it so much that I even put it in my green smoothies! I'm going to order some tatsoi from Kitazawa!

  8. Hi there! You'll love the Asian greens. My favs are mizuna, baby bok choy, and gai lan. Good luck!!


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