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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look what I got!

It's Toni reporting from "The Little Hoop House that Could..."  in burrr northern Wyoming!

I'm just back from walking the dog to the Post Office.  I can't feel my cheeks nor my upper legs!  It's a balmy (ha.. ha..) 4 degrees F here this morning.  Oh so cold!!!  I just made some DR tea to sip on while I read my newest seed catalog!

But in the cozy, covered-up hoop house... it's 63.5 degrees F!

Look what I dragged home from the Post Office!!!

What a beautiful cover photo!  All my favorite colors!


  1. That is a beautiful cover. Do you like their seeds? I've never tried them yet.

  2. I just love looking at all of the seed catalogs this time of, to just control myself ordering!!!

  3. It's always a great thing to find seed catalogs in the mailbox. I've narrowed by catalogs down to just a couple that I order from so the volume of catalogs have dwindled considerately. It is amazing that inside the hoop house can be 63 when the temperature outside is so low. Do you have a remote thermometer inside the hoop house to keep track of the temperature?

    Have a great hoop house day.

  4. So true Robin! My husband just commented the other night that one could spend hundreds of dollars...

  5. Hi Sande... will be my first time, but I think that Daphne uses them.

  6. Ooooh, that is a nice catalog!

  7. I really enjoy catalogs. Unlike you, it's not because I can't get out there to garden, but it's so discouraging I sit inside and imagine spring. . .

  8. Hi Stefaneener. Thanks for stopping by. Hang in there... Spring will be here soon (she says with red frozen cheeks from walking the dog). : )


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