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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year... -9 degrees F

Hello Gardening Friends!  Happy New Year!!!

It's cold cold cold here in northern Wyoming... -9 degrees F right now at 7:20am....  It was supposed to get to double digits below zero last night... thankfully it didn't!  The expected high for today... wait... grab your warmest hats & mitties... 11 degrees!

Hey, we're staying home and eating more of that awesome clam chowder that hubby made last night... and making some more egg rolls... and maybe some sushi too!  Read more over on my other blog... here...

Hoop House report...
Goal: keep hardy greens ALIVE (and maybe growing...) throughout the bone-chilling Wyoming winter
Temperature report:

outside: -9.0 degrees F
inside hh: 32.0 degrees F

I had meant to add an additional covering directly over my plants yesterday but got caught up in the New Year's eve festivities...

But the warming light is adding a significant amount of warmth inside the hoop house because even though it's -9 degrees outside.. inside my little hoop house it's 32.0 degrees F!


  1. Happy New Year! I'm so glad it's so cozy warm in there! I can't believe how cold your temps are. We're dropping fast, but not that low. I chuckled though, during this recent warm up, my raised beds started showing through the snow. Told hubby I should start a row of spinach! But, that's for March.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Sue! A row of spinach sounds really good!

    I'm trying really hard to include more leafy greens in my diet. I've started growing micro greens & sprouts inside. My hubby bought me a seed sprouter for Christmas... will soon have my first batch!


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